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“You are not only an amazing performer but also an amazing person. It is clear that you have a genuine love for what you do and how you are with our residents. We always have to prepare in advance for your arrival because we know our residents are going to pack in to the room to see you. You are truly a talented, caring, loving individual that has brought joy and love and beautiful music to our residents for many years. We hope that you are here with us for many years to come!”

-Kally Shulman, Director of Activities, HCR-Manor Care


“I would strongly recommend Patricia Gallagher. Her programs are very unique and captivate the residents body, mind and soul. She has a lot of energy and keeps all of the residents engaged the entire time. Her warmth shines through to the residents every time she is here.”

-Carly Cohen CTRS Personal Care/ Independent Coordinator at Wesley Enhanced Living at Stapeley


“Patricia puts on a wonderful show. Even my most hesitant residents participate when she comes in. I can’t say enough great things about her programs! She is a welcome addition to our activities calendar!”

-Stephanie W. Thorpe,   Activities Director for Hidden Meadows on the Ridge


“I wanted you to know that days after your program 20 Wonderful Things, the residents were still talking about how much they enjoyed it. The stuffed animals were a huge hit and vintage clothing and baby blankets brought back so many wonderful memories and initiated much conversation among the residents. The staff also had nothing but wonderful things to say about your program 20 Wonderful Things. Looking forward to your next visit.”

-Kathy Nucero, Director of Activities,  The Philadelphia Protestant Home

“Patricia’s “20 Wonderful Things” are just what she says: Wonderful!  Our residents at The Quadrangle loved her programs and really appreciated the gifts Patricia left them with.  These are really unique programs that wonderfully supplement our own reminiscence activities.  Patricia brings a great enthusiasm and love of people to her programs, and residents really respond to her.”

-Connie Eichenberg, Activities Director, The Quadrangle, Sunrise Senior Living


“Patricia was very entertaining. Her program was just  wonderful. The residents of Harlee Manor were fully engaged with laughter and fun. The Reminiscence Program was the best I have ever seen.”

-Toni, Activities Department, Harlee Manor


“You are so warm and kind to the residents. You got all to open up and interact with you. I saw residents who rarely talk or sing participate. You had “it” , some people have it and some don’t. You do!  I would love to have you again and again and again…a wonderful program!  All three levels of care will enjoy your show!”

-Asta Fusco, Director of Activities, The Birches


“Patricia Gallagher’s “20 Wonderful Things” is amazing.  She gets all the residents involved in her reminiscing group.  She is wonderful with the residents.  The residents really feel like they are back in the time period of the items she shows and then discusses.   She also gives all the residents a stuffed animal, which they all love.  She had my interest as well as all the residents the entire time.  It really is refreshing to have such a wonderful, kind hearted lady do an amazing program that captivates the interest and hearts of the residents.   I love Patricia’s program and will have her come back time and time again!”

-Cara Broidrick, CTRS, Recreation Director at Chestnut Hill Lodge