A Way to Make Your Mondays More Manageable – Flowering Beauty and Smiles

Bob and I liked to take flowers to strangers who needed smiles. He was 91 years old, a Yale graduate, a World War II Naval officer, and a fun person to listen to as we made our petals and blooms rounds. We talked about pets, holiday traditions, Pearl Harbor, old fashioned niceties that he thought should come back into vogue, aging gracefully, the wife he adored, and life lessons learned in 9 decades. And he played the harmonica to “announce” that we were on our way in with the petals and blooms.



Trisha, I used to play the harmonica. What do you think of this idea? I could get it out and start practicing some patriotic tunes. Then, as we carry the flowers in to the nursing home, I can “announce” the visit by playing Yankee Doodle Dandy, God Bless America, America the Beautiful, The Battle Hymn of the Republic, The Halls of Montezuma, Stars and Stripes Forever and The Star-Spangled Banner. I am a little rusty on those songs but if I practice, I should be able to do that within a few weeks. I might need to buy another harmonica because this one does not seem to be quite right. (Bob, my 91-year-old volunteer)

When Free Flowers Brought Smiles to People in a Fast Food Restaurant…and Parking Lot


Behold the glorious free flowers! I was on my way to take flowers to Fox Chase Cancer Center.  I needed to stop and use a restroom. I pulled into the parking lot of a small mall and went into the restaurant. I saw some people dining alone, a few families with kids, and folks who appeared to be grabbing a quick bite to eat on their lunch hour. I asked the manager if I could pass out SOME  flowers. He said, You can pass out ALL of the flowers. So, I did! All 40 bouquets! I guess Fox Chase cancer patients are meant to have a visit next week. One lady told me that she had cancer…..and was on her way to Fox Chase. I guess I was meant to give her flowers before she went to her appointment.  My secret to feeling happy – go a’flowering wherever and whenever I can – wherever my little KIA,  flowers, and I roam. I love the flowers, glorious flowers and how the surprise of receiving the petals blooms so many smiles.  I wish I knew a way to tell people in all 50 states how to do the same. That might FLOWER THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE!